Central Park Drive / School Road – Intersection signalisation


Auckland Transport are proposing to improve the intersection of Central Park Drive and School Road in Te Atatu South to mitigate congestion and safety issues associated with turning crashes. There are also currently no safe crossing facilities near this intersection. The new traffic lights aim to ease traffic congestion and improve safety and accessibility for both drivers and pedestrians.

AT is now seeking your feedback about the proposed changes. Closes Tuesday 21st July.

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Plans for School Rd?Central Park Drive intersection

See the plans here (PDF)

Suggestions for improvements:

We would suggest that while these plans are an improvement for pedestrians and cyclists accessing the Henderson Creek shared path from the direction of School/Vodanovich Rds, the plans don’t go far enough.

  • We think the School Road approach needs more work and consideration for bikes – a proper connecting shared path on the north side of School Rd between the roundabout and the intersection, making sure that the signal is a dual bike/pedestrian signal, and that there’s appropriate ramps to bikes to access the shared path from the road.
  • The new path down the slope between the intersection and Henderson Creek shared path (shown in blue) needs to be properly widened to a shared path width and needs significant enough corner splays and turning radii at the top and bottom so at least when riding slowly, it can be used on a bike. The Central Park Drive shared path needs a lot of stabilisation work but at least this would be futureproofing that.
  • Addition of advanced stop boxes at the intersection for braver cyclists who choose to remain in the roadway.

This Bike Auckland post has some more information.