Safe School Streets – Rutherford Schools


As part of the Safe School Streets programme, Auckland Transport installed a number of interim safety improvements around Rutherford Primary School and College in November 2019. These safety measures are in place for a temporary period, before final designs are reviewed, and permanent improvements are introduced.

AT is now seeking your feedback about the interim changes and the impact they have been having. Closes Friday 10th July.

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Interim improvements use semi-permanent elements that can be easily installed and removed. This allows testing and adjusting before permanent improvements are introduced. These kind of measures are often called “tactical urbanism”. Interim improvements for Rutherford Schools include:

  • Parking: With the narrowing of Kotuku St, the southern side of the street has become a ‘no stopping or parking zone’ for parents and students. This will significantly reduce the number of cars and turning movements on Kotuku St and make it safer for those walking, cycling and scooting. The parking restrictions don’t apply to residents.
  • Drop off and pick up/park and walk zones: Pick up/drop off zones are located on the school side of Toru St and the top of Titoki and Karamu St to reduce vehicle congestion in and around the school gate. There are also park and walk zones on Gloria Ave and Old Te Atatu Rd. These zones are not for student parking
  • New pedestrian crossings and speed calming measures: New courtesy crossing locations are being tested at either end of Kotuku St and Toru St. During this interim installation these are raised courtesy crossings, not zebra crossings so pedestrians do not have priority over traffic, but they will slow vehicles and allow us to test the location.
  • Safe walking streets: Walking and cycling will be safer for students due to a reduction of vehicles passing the school gate.

See the interim phase plans map here (PDF)

Map of interim measures under Safe School Streets programme

What happens next?

Auckland Transport will analyse the feedback from the school and community on the interim changes and use it to help refine the plan for any permanent improvements. “Construction of any permanent changes would be likely to take place in early 2021.”