Te Atatū Peninsula – Bus priority T2 lanes


Auckland Transport is proposing to add T2 and bus priority lanes along Te Atatū Rd (Peninsula) from the village centre to the motorway.

This also includes protection of the existing painted cycle lanes between Cellarmans and Vinograd on both sides.

They are seeking feedback about their proposal before 27th November.

See the details and plans

Bike Te Atatū’s feedback:

Bike Te Atatū has made a submission on behalf of the group. The general gist (but not all the details) is below. Let them know your own thoughts – you might be a bus user, for example, or you might have some personal experience to share about the unprotected lanes – but if you want some ideas about things you could mention, here’s our top tips:

Te Atatū Road – between Yeovil Avenue and Gloria Avenue

  • Protection of the cycle lanes on both sides of Te Atatu Rd is an excellent idea – it will complete a safe route between the shared path through Harbourview Park and the village centre and will allow more types of cyclists to use this route.
  • The extra crossing at the southern end of the village will be a great addition for pedestrians: could this be upgraded to a dual pedestrian/cycle crossing to allow cyclists from the west side of the peninsula to join the cycleway?
  • The driveway at 543/547 (into Delicious/McDonalds) has always been problematic, where the off-road cycle lane goes back on to the road and drivers are turning into and out of the driveway in both directions. Drivers often fail to spot cyclists. Please can as much be done here as possible to allow safe riding along the cycle lane? Flashing studs, speed cushions, a raised table and/or a kerb build-out to tighten the left-hand turn would all help. Something on each side of the cycleway might also stop people blocking the cycleway as they wait to turn out of this and the drive-thru exit at 543.

Old Te Atatū Road between Parkvale Grove and Te Atatū Road

  • We strongly support these improvements