Te Atatū South road safety improvements


A project to improve road safety in Te Atatū South, including slower speeds and new raised crossing tables.


Several accidents, speeding, “rat running” and complaints from residents and Flanshaw Road School meant that in 2018 Auckland Transport prioritised Te Atatū South (west of Te Atatū Road) for its slow streets programme.

We submitted in support of reducing speeds but pushed AT to go further suggesting they add zebra crossings at intersections and make Grainger Rd one-way at the western end, to discourage morning rat-running towards the motorway. We also asked AT to take the opportunity not only make Te Atatū South’s streets safer, but also nicer (e.g. include some trees).

Bike Auckland posted about this, with some good descriptions of what the various interventions do.


Speed tables, speed humps and raised intersections were built in 2019. Our suggestions were not adopted by Auckland Transport.

Latest developments:

A 30km zone was adopted 30 June 2020, extending across the city. See Auckland Transport’s project page here.