Te Atatu (south) T2 and bus priority lanes

Te Atatū Rd (south)


Auckland Transport is proposing to add T2 and bus priority lanes along Te Atatū Rd (south) from the motorway to McLeod Rd.

These changes will align with the Northwestern Bus Improvements project, and will allow people on buses to access the bus interchange more easily and quickly. It will also encourage a shift towards public transport.

They are seeking feedback about their proposal.

See the details and plans
Maps showing extent of works - Bridge Ave to McLeod Rd

Bike Te Atatū’s feedback:

Bike Te Atatū has made a submission on behalf of the group. The general gist (but not all the details) is below – please feel free to use any of these points for your own submission.

  • In general, we are in favour of bus lanes and of mode shift to public transport and active modes. However, we have several serious concerns about this proposal.
  • We would prefer to see bus lanes rather than T2 lanes as we think that will have a greater chance of significant mode shift.
  • Flush medians: We would like AT to consider deleting the flush median along the majority of this project. To preserve space for only a handful of turning movements per day at the expense of space that could be used for safe cycle infrastructure, seems out of step with AT’s policy to prioritise the safety of pedestrians and people on bikes. (Remember Te Atatū Rd north of Edmonton didn’t have flush medians until the end of 2017.)
  • We would like the T2 lanes to operate 7am–7pm, 7 days a week, in line with the newly proposed Frequent Routes which keep these hours.

Te Atatu Road between Edmonton Road and Bridge Avenue

  • Buffers for the painted cycle lanes between Covil Ave and Lydhurst Rd – excellent addition.
  • Some mitigation for the poor shared path on the northbound side of this section would be good – it’s currently fairly unusable because it’s bumpy. Deleting the flush median would make space for a buffered on-road cycle lane.

Intersection of Te Atatu Road and Edmonton Road, with a short stretch of T2 Lane on Edmonton Road

  • Provide extra protection to the painted cycle lane on Edmonton further back towards School Rd. Drivers will block this cycle lane as they queue.

Te Atatu Road between McLeod Road and Edmonton Road

  • This is the section of most concern for us. Currently cyclists ride in the underused parking buffer (in both directions), pulling into the traffic lane to pass parked cars. It’s not ideal but it’s something. It seems here that the flush median has been retained at the expense of cyclist safety. Deleting the flush median and reallocating that space to safe cycling infrastructure would go some way to aligning with Vision Zero and all-ages cycling goals, as well as providing an important link between the NW cycleway and Te Atatu South/Glendene. The project overview says this “will improve the level of service for active modes” and so far this has not been demonstrated.
  • Until Te Whau pathway is built there is no safe alternative route for cyclists that doesn’t involve travelling along Te Atatu Rd.

The intersection of Te Atatu Road and Roberts Road

  • The bend in the road near Roberts Rd is currently one of the most hazardous parts of this section of Te Atatū Rd. Any extra space and protection that can be found here for cyclist would be good.
  • The new shared path on the north side of this junction is confusing, we are not sure what is intended here – is it a bike bypass or just a way for cyclists to access the pedestrian crossings?
Roberts Rd shops aerial view