Buy-Cycle Te Atatū 2022

Buy-Cycle Te Atatū bicycle with shopping in it
Members and friends of Bike Te Atatū shopped by bicycle in March 2022 and took these photos.
They were all entered in a competition to win vouchers to spend at local businesses.
FIRST PRIZE WINNER: #BuyCycleTeAtatu Do the mahi get the treats
SECOND PRIZE WINNER: Popped in for a chai at Neil #BuyCycleTeAtatu
THIRD PRIZE WINNER: 8.5km around the Te Atatu area but forgot to take a photo at the shop 🤣😭 #BuyCycleTeAtatu
04: Here's today's #BuyCycleTeAtatu - cat food at Countdown Te Atatū South!
43: A trip by bike to the vet = a happy 🐕‍🦺 #BuyCycleTeAtatu
42: Lovely coffee and bread at Neil. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Does the flu jab count as a #BuyCycleTeAtatu?
Saw a carnivore! #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Alternative caption: If Starsky and Hutch had ridden bikes, maybe they could've afforded more steak outs. #BuyCycleTeAtatu.
21: I went to Refill Nation and got some chilli oil. Some like it hot! #BuyCycleTeAtatu
09: #BuyCycleTeAtatu Countdown Shopping done
15: Urgent pineapple purchase at Fruity Fresh #BuyCycleTeAtatu
10: Stoked with my new bike 🌻 Currently doing all my shopping in it, here’s my haul today from the @refillnationstore in Te Atatū #BuyCycleTeAtatu
41: Why drive through when you can bike through? #BuyCycleTeAtatu #FridayNightDinner
64: Sunday afternoon ice cream run… #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Bonus big bike for today's #BuyCycleTeAtatu at Refill Nation and Greens. Still room for more, mind you!
28: #BuyCycleTeAtatu off to Gloria to post before rain
Read about a great bike competition today #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Riding a bike is like winning the lottery of life, it keeps you healthy and wealthy. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Roll down the hill and enjoy a date by bike #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Blood test followed by flu jab - one in one out - does this count as neutral quaxing? #BuyCycleTeAtatu 🩸💉🚲
24: Tried to get a clever angle on my supermarket shot but this is it! #BuyCycleTeAtatu
23: Abstract through the glass – Countdown #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Stopped off at Refill Nation for essential office supplies (coffee 😆) #BuyCycleTeAtatu
37: “I don’t want puns, unless you’ve got buns hun.” Thanks Westside bakehouse. Thanks Sir Mix-a-lot. #BadPunsOfTeAtatu #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Eggsactly the right way to support local. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
A pair! Well of course we are at a fruit shop #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Ding! Idea – ride a bike, shop local #BuyCycleTeAtatu
25: All kinds of yum at Peppermint Twist #BuyCycleTeAtatu
46: Found the closest lockable spot to check out Demolition Deli. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
47: Feeling very GREEN in so many ways. Stocking up on veges. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Riding a bike suits you to a Tea. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
07: Just stopping to top-up on health. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Kicking off #BuyCycleTeAtatu (and my birthday) with breakfast at Neil.
14: "Windy and wet today, but my free cup of coffee @anastasiscoffeeroasters made up for it. ☕️💚 #BuyCycleTeAtatu Thanks @bike.teatatu for motivating me to get on my bike! 🚴🏼"
62: Onions are us at Greens #BuyCycleTeAtatu
18: Lunch supplies for the crew at #topwellbakery #BuyCycleTeAtatu
40: A bit of glorious post and dairy at Gloria Ave. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
19: Tofu black bean coming up thanks to Fruity Fresh Te Atatu #BuyCycleTeAtatu
20: Got my wine for tonight from top notch liquor merchants @freshbeerbrewconz #BuyCycleTeAtatu
The number of times a bicycle wheel goes round is based on the rule of 2 Pie or something like that. Great to see SD Bakery back open #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Spring on yon bike and shop local #BuyCycleTeAtatu
53: A Sunday bike to the local dentist! #BuyCycleTeatatu
31: Checking himself out in the window… #BuyCycleTeAtatu
12: Spices galore from @refillnationstore - thanks, Jackson #BuyCycleTeAtatu
13: Just got a delicious ginger slice from Rhonda at @wildfloursnz #BuyCycleTeAtatu
06: Shopping in Te Atatu, everything I need. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
32: Saturday night pizza delivery by bike! #BuyCycleTeAtatu
O'm letting you guess what we are having for dinner tonight. #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Riding a bike makes all your days salad days #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Save lolly – ride a bike #BuyCycleTeAtatu
Coffee #BuyCycleTeAtatu at Neil