Buy-Cycle Te Atatū photo competition

Buy-Cycle Te Atatū

Shop by bicycle in Te Atatū (Peninsula or South) from March 19th – April 17th, take a photo of your trip, upload it to social media using the hashtag #BuyCycleTeAtatu and be in to win prize money to spend at the shops. We’ll print your photo and include it in the exhibition.


Your photo must be taken between 19th March and 17th April 2022, somewhere in Te Atatū Peninsula or Te Atatū South, showing that you have shopped by bicycle. For example, you and your bike outside a shop; your helmet and your purchase in front of the shop; something else that represents your trip. Be creative!

To make this competition as Covid-safe as possible, we would encourage you to take your photos *outside* the business.

You can enter as many trips/photos as you like and each entry qualifies for the prize draw.

You can add any caption you like to the photo: we may print some or all of these when we print the photos.

Upload to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BuyCycleTeAtatu. Your account must be unlocked/public.

Upload to Bike Te Atatū’s Facebook group: with the hashtag #BuyCycleTeAtatu. Make sure you are uploading an HD version of the photo.

Are you a local business who would like to support this project by putting up a poster or letting us know whether you have vouchers for sale? Click here to see information for businesses.

A young boy with glasses and a cycle helmet outside a bakery. He's doing the thumbs up.

Exhibition and prizes:

We will print all the photos which are publicly viewable and hashtagged #BuyCycleTeAtatu and display them in an outdoor exhibition.

We will have various vouchers of different values to spend at local businesses. You will be able to choose which vouchers you’d like. We’ll post here once we know the value of the prizes and which businesses have vouchers available.

Prizes will be awarded during the exhibition period. We will let you know via social media if you have won a prize and will arrange which vouchers you’d like. Some prizes will be drawn at random.

A Primo chocolate milk bottle in the forground, a bicycle in the background
A mint green bicycle in front of a flower shop


How do I enter?

Shop by bike between March 19th and April 17th. Take a photo. Upload it to social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag #BuyCycleTeAtatu. Make sure your Twitter or Instagram accounts are unlocked and if you are uploading to Facebook, that you upload to Bike Te Atatū’s group page.

How many times can I enter?

As many times as you buy-cycle during the competition period. If you upload the same photo to more than one social media channel, it’ll only be counted once.

I’m no good at taking photographs, is it worth my time entering?

Yes! Some prizes will be awarded for photography, but there will also be random draws with several prizes just for entering.

Does buying coffee or food count?


What about getting my eyes tested or getting a massage?

Yes! As long as you are spending money at a local business you qualify.

Where are the boundaries?

Anywhere on Te Atatū Peninsula and Te Atatū South (includes Roberts Rd shops up to McLeod Rd, Vodanovich Rd shops and the main Te Atatū South town centre)

When is the exhibition?

Details to come!

What are the prizes?

Prizes will be vouchers for local businesses. We will work with the prize winners to arrange vouchers from businesses of their choice. Prize winners will be chosen during the exhibition period

  • First prize: $200
  • Second prize: $150
  • Third prize: $100
  • Two random draw prizes of $50 each

 Proudly funded by the Auckland Transport Community Bike Fund