Grafton Gully and Beach Road

Last weekend saw the official opening of the Grafton Gully cycleway and Beach Road separated cycle lanes. Since this effectively ‘finishes off’ one end of the NW Cycleway, it’s of interest to us at Bike Te Atatu!


Andrew Koat, a Bike Te Atatu member went to the opening on Saturday (with lots of official guests, including Len Brown, CAA’s Barbara Cuthbert and the PM). He says of the Gully cycleway: “It is wider than I expected. Gradient is gentle overall but kicks up slightly as it passes under Wellesley street and also approaching the top of Grafton Gully before flattening out for 300m to Queen Street. Of course it is a great cruise down from there.”


Aaron Hutching, another Bike Te Atatu member, rode the new path on Sunday and took these great photos. He says “I work in Henderson most days so the path won’t have much effect on my usual ride, however I do work in downtown around one day a week and on these days I will look to cycle in and would use the northwestern cycleway – Upper Queen Street – Grafton Gully – Beach Road to get there.”


The Beach Rd separated lanes look great – imagine these on the main roads around the Peninsula!

See more about the opening on Cycle Action Auckland’s blog and Transport Blog (some good wayfinding photos and videos here).