Our proposal

We are making a submission to the Henderson-Massey local board.  We need them to support our ideas to make them real. In summary, we propose to:

  • Revitalise our ‘village’ centre by making it rider and pedestrian friendly, including a separated cycle way that links to the Northwestern cycleway.

  • Introduce neighbourhood Slow Zones of 30 km/h limits on secondary residential roads, paired with traffic calming measures where necessary
30kph zones on side streets
30kph zones on side streets
  • Build separated cycle paths along all 50 km/h roads (the current bus route).

  • Create right of way priority at intersections for bikes and pedestrians

Raised table at t junction - Grey Lynn (almost there)

  • Add additional and improved crossings on 50 km/h roads.
  • Provide ample bike parking in town centre and at Public Transport Hubs

Why Te Atatu Peninsula?

In order to achieve our goal of being the World’s most liveable city, we must engage the whole community and Te Atatu Peninsula is the perfect place to start.  By transforming the streets of an entire suburb we can capture the imagination of everyone, across a range of cultures, ages and backgrounds, specific to Auckland, and clearly show the potential that our future holds. We are seeking the Local Board’s support for this initiative. Below is a map of Te Atatu Peninsula, the red lines are the proposed 50k streets with bike lanes, leaving the rest of the streets as Neighbourhood Slow Zones (30k speed limit).  

We drove from the red dots to the nearest 50kph road (in red). At 50kph and 30kph, the average difference in journey time was 7 seconds.
We drove from the red dots to the nearest 50kph road (in red). Driving at a 50kph and 30kph limit, the average difference in journey time was 7 seconds.

The map below has the various solutions coded by colour mainmap*

  • The black dots denote the existing bike lane (two-way off road)
  • The pink line is the proposed Main Street solution detailed above
  • The solid red line indicates the solution proposed for Taikata Road
  • The red dashes are on Wharf Road which needs a unique solution, and is still in development