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Bike Te Atatū is a group of volunteers trying to make Te Atatū a better place for walking and cycling. We do this by running some events (gentle rides, bike fix ups, get-togethers) and by getting involved with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council consultations.

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A community group is only as strong as the people in it. We are always on the lookout for other people to get involved with running things: organising events; liaising with local schools; filling in feedback for Auckland Transport; helping with the admin of the Facebook group… amongst other things. If you are keen to get more involved, send us an email or fill in our contact form.

We are part of a network of Bike Burb groups, loosely collected under the umbrella of Bike Auckland. Bike Auckland is the Auckland-wide organisation that is a voice for cyclists. They are mainly volunteers but some activity is funded by membership donations. Consider becoming a member if you can!


This (fictional) short film was made in 2014. It’s set sometime in the future, after Te Atatū was chosen in 2015 for a program of traffic calming and other interventions.

  • Sound – Craig O’Reilly
  • Camera – Laura Gamble
  • Music – James Risbey
  • Director – Jemma Nissen

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Great news if you missed out on a spot at our sold-out event on Monday (or are outside Auckland): we'll be live-streaming it! 📽️

Bookmark this link, tune in at 6pm, and send us your questions in the chat window: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S-lakAvecs&feature=youtu.be @GenZeroNZ @GreaterAKL @RealLucyLawless

Conversations with the neighbours, via @biketeatatu:

Driver shouts to me: "Do you know what's going on?"
Me: "Yep, loads of cars with just one person in them"
Driver: "Hmm how much does a bike cost"

Phone found on NW cycle way this morning near Te Atatu Rd. Findee posted on FB but let me know here if you don’t use FB. cc @BikeAKL

Compare and contrast. Same city, stark difference.

A brand new roundabout designed to create a "lower speed environment" in Te Atatū South, 2020.

And an old roundabout creating a calm street environment in Mt Eden, since at least the 1990s.

What, if anything, have we learned?


@biketeatatu @a_son_of_a_gunn @BikeAKL Reminds me of the old 'frustrated driver' excuse rolled out by AT on a regular basis. If AT and its predecessors have designed the city's streets to prioritise cars for half a century or more it's inevitable there are going to be low numbers of pedestrians and cyclists.

Word wizards with an affinity for advocacy!🚲📢

We’re seeking a comms coordinator to handle our social channels, e-news & event publicity, for 6 months starting 1 August, 15-20 hrs a week.

If this rings your bike bell, send your CV + cover letter to anja@bikeauckland.org.nz 🛎️

Rutherford schools parents/pupils, and locals! AT are seeking feedback on the interim safety measures... pls fill this in by end of Friday: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SSSRutherford


We have a shiny new website! Please check it out and sign up for our email list on the home page so you never miss out. https://biketeatatu.org.nz/ #BikeAKL


Attn Triangle Rd riders! AT are planning lights at Makora Rd. Supposed to be a safety project, will achieve for drivers - but a couple of “look for bikes” signs doesn’t really scream safety. Feedback closes Tues 19 May.

Just did #BackyardBikeCount. 15 minutes to count all the ways people are moving on your street – any time during lockdown. Details and survey form available to print/copy from here: https://www.bikeauckland.org.nz/the-big-backyard-bike-count-lets-do-this/ @BikeAKL @biketeatatu

The #BackyardBikeCount tallies are coming in...
1. So👏🏽Many👏🏽People👏🏽Biking👏🏽Locally!
2. Local bike % is way higher than the census commuter proportions (even w/o school in session!)
3. These journeys generally aren't counted. So let's make 'em count now! https://www.bikeauckland.org.nz/the-big-backyard-bike-count-lets-do-this/


Our meet-ups look a bit different this month. Join us Thursday 2 April for Bike Breakfast @ Home🏠☕️🚲

Invite your "bubble", invite pals in other places, and above all, invite your bikes! They'll love the company; we'll love the pics! https://www.bikeauckland.org.nz/event/bike-breakfast-home/ #bikebreakfastathome

Official word is always the last word, and it's here ➡️ https://covid19.govt.nz/government-actions/current-covid-19-alert-level/

But this ⬇️is a good practical definition of "ride local", for those who aren't sure. Especially for new or rusty riders, or those exercising with littlies in a family bubble. https://twitter.com/_mharvey/status/1244143821702627329


@GreaterAKL @AklBikes I'm defining local as "could I push my bike home from here by myself?", in the spirit of not needing a bubble-popping rescue...

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