Buy-Cycle Te Atatū – information for businesses

Hello local businesses!

We are running Buy-Cycle Te Atatū from 19th March to 17th April. This is a photo competition, encouraging people to shop locally by bicycle. They take a photo of their shopping trip (e.g. purchases, bicycle, themselves) outside a business and upload it to social media using the hashtag #BuyCycleTeAtatu.

At the close of the competition, the photo entries will be printed, displayed and voted on, and the winners will be awarded vouchers to spend at the local business of their choice. “Buy-Cycle” was previously run in 2019 where there were 117 entries, taken outside at least 42 different businesses.

  • Are you keen to put up a poster in the window of your business?
  • Could you provide vouchers for Bike Te Atatū to purchase? (donations also gratefully accepted)

If you are keen to support this project, please fill in this form, or email

A bicycle outside the greengrocer. There are paper bags filled with produce, and the bike basket is filled with fruit and veg.