Rathgar Rd / Universal Drive intersection

Technical plan for Universal Drive/Rathgar Rd


Auckland Transport is proposing some changes at the intersection of Rathgar Rd/ Universal Drive to make it safer, including:

  • a raised table
  • pedestrian crossing signals at all points
  • a section of separated cycle lane for cyclists travelling west bound on Universal Drive
  • cycle stop boxes

Bike Te Atatū’s feedback:

Bike Te Atatū made a submission on behalf of the group, even though this intersection is a bit out of our area, since we do have many members who bike to Henderson for work and study.

We said that we liked the plans overall  (particularly the raised table, the pedestrian crossings on all legs of the intersection, the protected cycle lane) but asked AT to look at some details, in line with Vision Zero:

  • Extending the westbound cycle lane to prevent a pinch point which could arise from drivers using the shoulder to queue.
  • The turns from/to cycle lanes to crossings – the width/turning radius for cyclists using the protected lane then stopping to cross look quite tight.
  • The re-entry of cyclists onto the traffic lanes – concerned these spots are too close after the traffic turns.
  • To please look again to see whether an eastbound protected lane could be added. Paint-only is a significant safety issue and deterrent for everyday cyclists.

The latest

Auckland Transport considered all the feedback. It sounds like they are going ahead as plans. Details are here.